Byebye National University of Singapore

I'm sitting right now in the Orchid Haven Hostel in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. To complete the post from before about the exams. My last exam in Hormones and Health was not so good and I already know the score of the Chinese final, I had 135/200 points and I'm happy with that. It was time to leave the National University of Singapore. I said goodbye to my friends and packed my luggages. Thanks to Jay and his Aunt! His aunt lives in Singapore and she offered me to put my luggages there and to stay the night from the 15th to the 16th may, before I take off to Switzerland. The day we put the luggages to Jay's aunt, we had a very nice diner. My flight back to Zurich departs on the 16th may 11.30 p.m. and arrives in Zurich on the 17th may 06.10 a.m. I am looking forward to see you in Switzerland :)

But before I come back, I'm gonna do a 10day-trip through Malaysia and Thailand. My 4 destinations are the Cameron Highlands & Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Bangkok & Krabi in Thailand.


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