This week started the examination phase. I took 4 modules here at the national university of Singapore. Chinese, Molecular Basis of Human Diseases, Neuronal Development and Diseases, Hormones and Health.


Chinese: During the semester we had 3 quizzes, 3 assignments, a short oral exam and also a 15% grade for the class performance. Thus, the final exam only counted 35% for the final grade. The chinese exam wasn't in the examination phase. It was in the last week of the semester. I wasn't very good in one quiz and also at the oral exam. But I performed well the final exam, I guess. 

Molecular Basis of Human Diseases: We had 3 Practicals during the semester. For each we had to write a report which was graded. My points were 8.5/10, 8.6/10 and 4.7/5. Additionally we had to write 2 group essays with a forum discussion. I had 12.6/15 and I don't know yet the second one. This is pretty much average and is approximately a B or a bit higher. These assignments count 55% for the final grade, so the final exam counted only 45%. I had the final exam on tuesday this week. It was open book and a fair exam. I'm pleased with my performance.

Neuronal Development and Diseases: We had a similar module at the ETH last semester. Unfortunately I failed this exam at ETH and gonna retry it next semester. I think I did better here at NUS. The midterm exam counted 30% and I got a B+. Yesterday, thursday, I took the final exam in the multi purpose sports hall (have a look at the pictures). It was huge and 500 students took different exams at the same time. As usual, It was very cold inside and a large number of A/C and fans were turned on during the exam. The exam included 7 questions with subquestions. For each question we had to use a new answer book which had about 20 pages but you only used 4 max. What a paper waste! Anyway, I'm pleased with my performance too for this exam even though I couldn't answer all the questions.

Hormones and Health: We already had 2 midterm exams for this module which count 20% each for the final grade. I got an A+ in the first one and only a C+ in the second one. On balance a 40% counting B+. The final exam of Hormones and Health (my last one!) is on the 2nd may 5 p.m. All my exams were at 5 p.m, what I don't really like that much because it's very late. And every exam takes 2 hours (except Chinese was 1.5 hours).


I was a bit nervous this week because of the exams and because I didn't know what to expect. It turned out that the exam questions were fair and covered the content of the lectures what is not always the case at ETH. I'm looking forward for my time in South East Asia after the exams. I already planned my 10-day-trip but more on that later.

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    edith tanner (Freitag, 28 April 2017 19:53)

    Congrats to your performances!
    We are very proud of you :)
    Even so we are looking forward to having you back home again soon.