time with the ladies

On saturday, 15.04.2017, Lena and Mima arrived at the Changi Airport in Singapore. Mia and I picked them up and our nice weekend (+ monday) started.

Saturday: Lena and Mima had the Hostel at Little India. Hence, we enjoyed some nice indian diner there. Later we went to the Light Show Gardens by the Bay and a drink in a rooftopbar completed our first day. It was so lovely to see them again!

Sunday: On sunday, I met the ladies on the campus and showed them how I live here. Before they came to my place, they planned their trip to Malaysia. In the noon, we went to China Town and then to the Cloud Forest (picture 14 - 26). We chilled at the Gardens by the bay and suddenly it was 19.45 and the lightshow started. Again, I know. But we still relished it. Directly by MRT to Arab Street, we had some nice vietnamesian food there and spent the evening in a bar.

Monday: On monday, we striked off to the Botanic Gardens. After a 1 km walk, we reached the Orchid Garden. The entrance is only 1 SGD for students. There are so many different and amazing orchids. Before the ladies headed off to Malaysia, we went to a nice hawker centre.


These 3 days were super nice and much fun :) I'm looking forward to see Mima and Lena again, before they go back to Switzerland.

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