Singapore ETH centre & musems

On thursday (13.04.17), I had the Chinese final exam. This exam counts 35% for the final grade. After I didn't do well in the last quiz and also in the oral exam, the final exam should be good. Therefore I am very happy about that. Chinese 1 was much effort to spend but in the end it was a nice experience. Still, I don't think I'm gonna keep on studying Chinese. For me the output is not worth the effort.

On picture 2 & 3 you see my favourite places in Utown. Picture 2 is on my floor. I often go there for a short break. Picture 3 is at the Town Green in the evening, I just love the athmosphere there. And this week two very nice birds visited the campus. I've never seen such a nice bird in freedom (picture 4).

On the day before the Chinese exam, the ETH invited us for an interesting presentation about the Singapore ETH centre. It is the only ETH centre outside of Switzerland, and it is at the National University of Singapore. The main research is about how big cities (>10 mio people) develop and what to consider such as infrastructure, public transport, etc. Afterwards we were invited to a nice aperitif with white wine, cheese and meat.

After the Chinese exam, I went to 2 museums. First to the Singapore city gallery. The entrance is for free and a visit is totally worth it. It is all about how Singapore developed. I was on the way with Thomas from Brazil. The second museum was the Art & Science museum at Marina Bay. It was like a big playground, but much fun! They had a slide, glowing balls to play with and we draw a building with wax crayons. One can scan the drawing and it appears on a big screen or create a 3D-object of it. See picture 24-26.

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