Mixed feelings the last days

Many days ago, but I would like to mention and recommend it, we went to a bar called "The Library". It is a hidden bar, like in these days where alcohol was prohibited. This is why you enter first a small room and have to say the password or solve a riddle before you can enter. Via a mirror door you enter than the bar. I loved this bar, it was very nice with good music, special drinks and a cool athmosphere.


On monday this week, I already felt unwell but I had to go to the 3rd and last lab practical of the semester (picture no. 4). We have compulsory attendance for the labs. Do you remember from an older post, where I said "I've never been sick since I'm in Singapore"? Well, that is no longer true. After the lab until Thursday I was sick and had fever. That was absolut shit and my worst days here. I think it is very interesting how your needs change then. The only thing you want is to get well soon, nothing else. Fortunately, this is what happened after a few days and on friday I was healthy again. On that friday (07.04.17), we had the last lecture of the semester (picture no. 5). The next will be in the middle of september. That means more than 4 months no lecture!


The next day, Mia and I met Rebi and Joel. We study with Rebi at the ETH Zurich. It was really nice to spend some time with them talking about Singapore and also what is going on in Switzerland. Of course in swiss german (very rare but I did have sometimes problems to switch talking in english to the waiter and suddenly in swiss german to Rebi and Joel). We drunk something at Clark Quay, walked a bit through Singapore and we had diner in Little India.


Next week are the Chinese exams. And at the end of the next week, two very good friends from Switzerland come visiting Mia and me. I'm looking forward meeting you Mima and Lena :D See you soon!



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