Platform 1094 (Harry Potter Café)

On wednesday, Mia and I went to this Harry Potter Café called Platform 1094. It is a very nice theme café. They serve drinks in "Harry-Potter-Style" and there are some properties all about Hogwarts you can use for pictures or just for fun. My Mr Lich's Flaming Brew was very cool with the fire and when you scatter some cinnamon on it, it begins to sparkle. But it was not really my taste, whatever!

After that we decided spontaneously to go to little india to the Mustafa Center. It is a very big Shopping Center where you litterally can find almost everything! And the most crazy thing about it is the price of the Ovo Crunchy Cream. It is only 1.90 SGD (= 1.40 CHF)! And in Switzerland it costs around 4.50 CHF. How is that possible?

We had a very delicious diner then in the restaurant called Amber. A friend of mine recommended this restaurant, and it was really good.

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    Edith Tanner (Dienstag, 04 April 2017 20:45)

    Hello Harry
    Mmmh, Ovo Crunchy Cream!
    Will you take home some glasses to St. Erhard?
    Enjoy your stay!
    Greetings from good old Switzerland
    mum and pa