Daily life and some negative things

I posted many articles about my trips and how much fun I'm having here in Singapore. And it's true, to do this exchange semester in Singapore was a very good decision and I'm glad that I took all the administrative stuff on me to come here. It is definitely worth it and a large enrichment for myself. I love the weather, I meet nice people, I enjoy trips and also studying is going well so far, except for 1 chinese quiz I really screwed up. In this post I want to give you the impression of a "normal week" and also talk about the negative things.

On picture 3 you see the buffet of the dining hall. I usually have breakfast and diner there, because it is included in my accomodation but the food is not always good. I take the bus to go to the Science faculty. It's only a 5 minutes bus ride. That's the good thing about living on the campus. You save much time because everything is so close such as restaurants or the lecture theatres.

Sometimes we have practicals and of course we do have lectures (pictures 6-11). The lectures are okey, not bad but also not superior. The lab lessons are good. Because Singaporeans are crazy about air condition, it is always very cold inside the rooms in my opinion. This is why I always carry a sweater with me. In Chinese 1 we are obliged to do homework and we do have compulsory attendance.

Sometimes I do some sports, hang around at the pool or go for a walk on the campus. I still like the Town Green (picture 13). This weekend I went to the Lightshow at Gardens by the Bay (picture 20). It is very nice and a thing to do here in Singapore.

I created a map with people I met or with countries I've travelled during my stay here in Singapore. I learn much about the world and the different cultures. But of course not all people I meet here are nice. There are also people I don't want to spend much time with.

I've never been sick since I'm in Singapore but sometimes a headache or sore throat occurs. And also because of the high temperature and humidity, my facial skin is not as clean as usual.

And there are a few small, negative things. My room is very small and just functional, the washing machine didn't work last time, I lost my cap or my computer had some problems. But these are really small problems and most of them are solvable. For example I moved the furniture in my room, I'll never use again washing machine no. 2, I lost my cap but that's still much better than losing the phone or wallet and after a restart my computer runned again.

I have now 3 weeks left until the end of the semester. After that we have the reading week and the examination week. Time runs fast. If you have red till here, I wish you a good day!

PS: One more good thing is the improvement of my english :D


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    edith tanner (Dienstag, 04 April 2017 20:39)

    You always think positively.
    That's what you learned from your parents ;) ?
    Go on, Dave!
    mum and pa

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    David Tanner (Mittwoch, 05 April 2017 05:42)

    I guess that I learned that from you, right.
    I hope you're doing great :)
    Unfortunately, I got sick and had fever last night.
    Love Dave