45 hours in Phuket (Thailand)

My first trip out of Singapore was to Phuket. Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand. My first impression was, that there are no rules on the street. My hotel was super nice and so are the people there. I arranged to meet Sabi, a good friend from high school. She has been there for holidays. We spent the evening with her parents and drove with the scooters to a market and later on to a restaurant for diner and after that to Patong beach for a drink. We had diner in Linda's seafood. I use that moment to say hello to my friend Linda, how are you doing? :D The walking street in Patong is the party place #1. It is very crowded and the tales about trannys and ping pong shows are true. We didn't spend much time there and went to a bar near the beach (picture no. 15).

At the next day I had a traditional thai massage in the morning. It does take time getting used to it. In the afternoon we took again the scooter and drove to Surin beach. I steered the scooter and was a bit scared because of much traffic and driving on the opposite side. But everything went well and it was also fun. When you wait on the red light, there are in minimum 20 others scooters and when it turns to green it feels like a mass start in Mario Kart. The weather this day was not very good according to the pictures. On the last pictures you see some things that attracted attention to me. For example the electricity system is very underdeveloped. Sometimes you walk only 1 meter under the wires and you can hear the current flow. The fruits are super amazing and cheap and the beaches are very beautiful.

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