rooftopbar and intercollege games

I went to the rooftop bar Level 33 with my flatmates Simone and Jay. The entrance is free and you can enjoy an absolutely amazing view over the skyline of Singapore. The bar brews their own beer, it was expensive, but very good! Alcohol has some high taxes in Singapore, that's why it is so expensive. A fortiori we enjoyed this good, local beer on the top of a skyscraper.

I played football for my college for the Inter College Games. A college is where the students live, so my college is Cinnamon USP. We won 2 out of 5 games. And I own now an ICG jersey from 2017. Awesome!

We have around 30 °C everyday and a very high humidity (average 80%). But it is also often cloudy and rainy. Nevertheless enough sun for a little tan.

The pictures with the NUS mascot are taken on the TOWN PLAZA on the campus in U-Town. On the TOWN PLAZA is everyday something going on. Music, stalls, competitions etc.

I miss it a bit to cook by myself here. But on tuesday we cooked some pasta with tomato sauce and zucchini. And Mia and I had a incredibly delicious frozen yoghurt at the MRT Station Kent Ridge. 3 fruits, 2 crunchy topings, frozen yoghurt and on the top 1 sauce. Woow! :D

The second last picture is on the campus. I was on my way to a supermarket. Thanks again for the t-shirt my friends :)

I have a short Chinese quiz tomorrow about lesson 1 and 2 and on friday the hormones midterm exam. After that I'll go to Phuket (Thailand) for the weekend and when I come back on sunday, I'll meet my parents in Singapore. I'm very happy to see you soon!

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