study is going well, clarke quay and Mac Ritchie

Okey :), What happened the last days. I went to Clark Quay for diner. We had some mexican food, it was incredibly delicious! Clark Quay is very touristic, but also very nice. There are many restaurants serving different kind of food from all over the world. It is more expensive, but as you might know, I love having good food, so the fajitas were the money worth it.

And I went hiking through the Mac Ritchie park. Check the pictures to see, how it looks like :) Many monkeys live there and if your bag is not closed, they steal your food. Maha lost an orange on this way.

And studying is going well so far. I'm gonna have two midterm exams this week. A short quiz in Chinese 1 and an exam about hormones and health, which counts 20% for the final grade.

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