Singapore is more Swiss than I thought

The time difference between Switzerland and Singapore is 7 hours! A direct flight takes about 11 hours. But it doesn't matter where you are, there is still a bit Switzerland :)

You can buy Toblerone chocolate everywhere. But even better, I found Lindt chocolate. The best chocolate in the world by a mile! And also Kägi Fret, one of my favorites to snack on.

The ETH and EPFL are well known by the NUS. And Switzerland is famous for the Emmi Yogurt, Ricola and good bread. I also found Ovo Crunchy Cream, which I like for breakfast.

In Orchard Road, the shopping mile in Singapore, there were some watch shops, for example Patek Philippe or Swatch. And the sanitary installations in Cinnamon College, where i live here, are from JohnsonSuisse. I've never heard of them, but looks like the company has a connection to Switzerland.


I hope that wasn't to much advertising and want to make sure, that I don't earn money to name these companies in my blog. I just think it is interesting that Swiss clichés are real.


Greeting to Switzerland! :D


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    Edith Tanner (Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2017 12:04)

    Guet z wösse.
    De mömmer also ned e halbi Koffere voll Lindt-Schoggis mitnäh :)
    Lg mum

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    David Tanner (Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2017 12:28)

    Hey mum :)
    Nei mosch ned, aber die schwarz Lindor hani noni gfonde. Vo dere bitte 2 Tafele :D
    Schön chömeder mech cho bsueche, esch jo scho gli. Ech han ez gad s Wocheend vom 10 - 12 Februar Phuket (Thailand) buechet. Lande 30 Minute bevor ehr achömed z Singapur ond warte denne dete zom üch empfo.
    Liebe Gruess Dave